Video from 8/8/15 Odd Partials Performance

Here are some video cuts from the August 8 Odd Partials performance at the Good Shepherd Center in Seattle, WA, as part of the Wayward Music Series.

Greg Dixon’s Fractures for clarinet and computer

This work features the composer, Greg Dixon, performing on the laptop along with me on the clarinet. See Greg’s dissertation for an in-depth exploration and explanation of this work.

William O. Smith’s Solo for Clarinet with Delay System

I consulted with Bill on electronics setup and interpretation of this work, written in 1983. See this post I wrote for more details on the piece, and specific recommendations on singing while playing.

Marcin Pączkowski’s Study 2012 for bass clarinet and computer

This work is largely improvisatory, though the structure is detailed and fixed. Each section of the piece has different improvisatory parameters, along with some written out notes here and there. Listen to Ivan Arteaga’s performance to hear a different interpretation; see Marcin’s website for more info about Marcin.


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